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5 Essential Medical Equipment Elders Must Have at Home

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As you age, your body changes and becomes more vulnerable to injury and illness. You must have experienced this if you have loved ones who are seniors.

Thus, it is crucial to be proactive about health and wellness. This is especially true if you are caring for seniors. It is more important than ever to have the right medical equipment at home in case of an emergency.

If you are not sure what kind of equipment you need, do not worry – we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will go over the essential medical equipment that all elders should have at home. From thermometers to blood pressure monitors, this list has everything you need to keep your loved ones safe and healthy as they age.

The Importance of Medical Equipment in the Homes of Elders

Many older people love their independence. If you are a caregiver for the elderly, it is crucial to have some medical equipment at home. That is because doctors may not always be available to offer immediate services to them.

Modern technology makes it possible to monitor the elderly’s vital signs from home.

In elderly homes or hospices, trained personnel take care of the elderly. But some older people prefer to stay in their homes with their loved ones around them. In such cases, you need to have simple medical equipment at home. You can ensure their vitals are within normal range at all times. This will help you provide optimal healthcare and improve the senior’s comfort while at home.

As a caregiver, you must ask yourself specific questions. The crucial question is, “Is there a medical center near me?” Knowing the proximity of your house to a medical office is critical to decision-making.

It helps you to make an informed decision on the best option for your older loved one. If your home is far from a medical office, you might want to research medicare doctors near you.

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 Must-Have Medical Equipment at Home

Some medical equipment that you need in an older person’s home include:

1.   Thermometer

The average body temperature in adults ranges from 36.10C to 37. 20C. The body temperature may change slightly due to a person’s physiological state. These may include exercise and exertion, pregnancy, and stress.

A wide temperature variation should rouse your suspicion. This is because it indicates a deviation from normal health. Yet, you can only be certain of a person’s temperature using a thermometer. So, a thermometer is essential in an older adult’s home.

Many thermometers are available in the market. You can purchase the thermometer you best prefer. You have options from digital to infrared and oral thermometers.

When you notice a surge or abrupt drop in temperature, it may be time to visit the nearest healthcare facility.

2.   Blood Pressure Monitor

Senior people’s homes must have a functional blood pressure monitor. That is because older people struggle with hypotension or hypertension. Since they exercise less, their risk of heart disease increases. They could have heart conditions and cardiovascular diseases that may lead to shock and paralysis. A blood pressure monitor will help you observe changes in blood pressure. You can call for prompt medical attention if you notice deviations in blood pressure.

Adults’ average blood pressure ranges between 110/70 and 120/80. Anything that is far out of this range is a cause for concern. You must have access to Medicare doctors near you. You must also know where to find care for your ward when you are not around. Fortunately, Medicare can cover this care. Yet, you must find out all about Medicare paying for caregivers.

You must also ensure that you or any caregiver knows how to operate the blood pressure monitor. Also, you should know the normal ranges of the blood pressure parameters.

3.   Pulse Oximeter

For your cells to function at optimal levels, they must have sufficient oxygen. The blood carries oxygen molecules to individual cells, organs, and systems. The red blood cells are the vehicles to which the oxygen molecules attach.

It is essential to check the oxygen levels in the blood. This helps you to know when there is hypoxia in the body. Constant monitoring will also help to prevent multiple organ failures due to insufficient oxygen supply.

The medical equipment you need to check blood oxygen levels is the pulse oximeter. Through oxygen levels, you can detect faults in the circulatory system. Some of these faults may be cardiovascular or anemia.

If you notice any of these problems, you can ask the nearest medical office for help. You can also take your ward to the hospital or any medical care center around you.

4.   Bathroom Scale

As people get older, their physical activeness tends to decrease. As such, it is easy for older adults to gain more weight than they need. A contributing factor is that the body’s metabolic rate decreases as we age.

The danger of putting on lots of weight is that it stresses the body’s metabolism. This makes it easy for older adults to get sick. And because the older person’s immune system takes longer to act, diseases tend to be terminal.

So, it takes intentional discipline to keep your weight in check as an older adult. It is crucial to have a bathroom scale because it helps older adults maintain their weight in check.

5.   Glucometer

A leading cause of death in older adults worldwide is diabetes. In the United States, research has diabetes as the fifth leading cause of death in older people. So, an essential medical equipment to have is a glucometer.

Glucometers come with strips that measure a person’s blood glucose. This helps you observe abnormalities in blood glucose levels and take prompt action. Both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia can be fatal in older adults. So, when you notice irregularities in glucose levels, call for help.

It is crucial to note that the normal range for oxygen tension in the blood is between 95 and 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are:

●    Who should use medical equipment for older people?

All seniors should have these pieces of equipment in their homes. Yet, we advise seniors with mobility problems and health conditions to use these equipment routinely.

●    How do I know what medical equipment I need in my home?

Several medical gadgets look important. Yet, you cannot have all medical equipment in your home. So, you can consult with your local council. This is because it offers a service that assesses your home, its people, and the medical equipment you might need.

●    How can I get medical equipment for my older loved ones?

There are several ways to get medical equipment for your loved ones. You can buy from retail, and medical stores or order online. It is possible to get all your orders in an overnight shipment. This way, supply is fast and efficient, as you can get deliveries right at your doorstep.


In addition to the medical equipment above, you may get other equipment for seniors. The senior’s health condition may inform the purchase of these aids. These may include nebulizers, hearing aids, floor pedals, walkers, and canes. You must not get all the equipment at once, and it will help to have a priority list. With such a list, you can purchase necessary equipment first, and purchase others later.

While the above equipment is crucial, you still need the services of Medicare doctors near you. This is because there might be emergencies that need medical expertise.

You must always have access to physicians and doctors when you need them. Yet, this equipment will help you optimally monitor your older loved one’s health.

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