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5 Reasons You Should Look After Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important areas you should maintain to keep your home clean and free of water damage. If left for too long, it could become a bigger problem and leave you with some destruction you were unprepared for.

If a blocked gutter floods to the inside of your home, you may need flood damage cleaning services. ICE Cleaning’s flood experts can come and survey your home and carry out a flood restoration process that will rescue the integrity of your home.

Read on for five reasons why you should look after your gutters.

Your property may become damaged

If gutters are left uncleaned and blocked for a long time, the flowing water could begin to cause damage to the overall structure of your home. The walls, doors, window frames and patios will start to rot and warp before leaking into your home.

Blocked gutters attract pests

Blocked gutters will build up debris like leaves, sticks, and moss which is a perfect shelter for insects and rodents. You may notice pests making nests in the gutters and could infiltrate your home through any exposed areas to further infest the property.

Animals such as squirrels or mice could build in the gutters, and insects like bees and wasps might start building their hives around your home. Pest control or bee-keeping services can extract these insects properly and remove the nests from your home.

Blocked gutters cause erosion

Bricks and soil will begin to absorb flowing or splashing water if your downspouts are blocked. When water can’t funnel away, it may erode the foundations and ground around your property. This will cause cracking, loosened brickwork, and depressions in the soil.

Water damage can occur

Clogged gutters will lead to trapped rainwater in the funnels that begin to leak and seep into the structure of your home. Water will eat away at wood and cause rotting, which could dampen the walls and ceiling of the rooms.

Mould might begin to grow

When your walls and ceilings are water-damaged, they will begin to dampen moisture may rise in the house. This causes mould and mildew to thrive on your walls, creating an unsightly environment that can lead to health issues.

Mould growth will require more professional intervention that could be costly, and if left, mould might spread through the property until it starts to rot some of the walls. Mould spores can also cause illness and affect those who are immunocompromised.

If you need to consider flood restoration cleaning services due to blocked gutters, ICE Cleaning’s expert technicians can take over. They use industry-leading technology and non-abrasive solutions to prevent staining.

You can find out more about their variety of services here.

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