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Content Creation Strategy | The Secrets of Success

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Are you a web entrepreneur, blogger or business, but when you hear about content creation strategy do you get scared? Do not panic! This part of web marketing is not that complicated. By understanding how creating content for the web can benefit your business, you’ll want to get started. Let yourself be guided step by step to develop your marketing strategy.

Create content for the web

What is content creation?

Web content is a true digital communication channel. It is a gateway to your activity. It makes it possible to transmit relevant information to Internet users while supporting a marketing strategy. “Content is king,” said Bill Gates. Today, this is all the truer. Being present on the Web is the opportunity to reach more people. Publishing relevant content is the way to attract qualified visitors to your site without advertising. This is called inbound marketing.

Wikipedia page creation services can be done in several formats: video, audio or written. For the latter, it ranges from blog posts to infographics to social media posts. The possibilities are numerous and each one has its specificities. Whatever medium is chosen, a company can increase its visibility on the Internet if it does it the right way. Indeed, to create effective digital content, you still need a strategy.

Why implement a content creation strategy?

Creating content and defining a strategy are two very different things. Posting anything and everything won’t do you much good, except waste your time and energy. To get results, you need a plan, a logic. Imagine a spider weaving its web: everything is intelligently connected and built from the center. Well, your communication should follow the same pattern. The heart of the canvas is your goal, where you want to take your prospect. Your publications are the woven threads. To have impact, they must be thought from your objective.

Having a distribution plan for your content allows you to organize your communication upstream and thus:

  • get an overview of your strategy;
  • have a dissemination logic;
  • reach the right people (your target);
  • create a relationship of trust with your community;
  • strengthen your brand image and your notoriety;
  • optimize your site by working on the internal mesh;
  • oftener des backlinks;
  • analyze what has and has not worked.

Strategically creating web content is a powerful marketing tool that works for you in the long run. The actions implemented make it possible to:

  • improve your natural referencing;
  • Improve your visibility on the internet;
  • drive more organic traffic to your site;
  • increase your number of leads.

A good content creation strategy is therefore a real acquisition lever for your business. Do you now see all the benefit that inbound marketing can bring you?

The specialists

If you want to develop your business, delegation is a step you cannot escape. Impossible to be on all fronts and to do each activity well. Being strategic also means knowing how to call on the right freelancers to create your web content.

The graphic designer

Its advantage? The creation of visuals. He handles graphics software like no other and knows how to create impactful infographics. He imagines and produces visual communication media while respecting the graphic charter and the editorial line. If some of his creations are born in paper format, a majority are distributed on the Web. By associating images and texts, he condenses and synthesizes information.

Le community manager

Expert in social networks, the community manager is in charge of the publication of snack content (micro-content). He works on the strategic development of your brand image through the creation of posts and stories. Its role is to develop a community, to animate it and to engage its members. If you want to increase your presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. 

The web editor

Opposite (or rather in addition) to the community manager, the web editor will produce slow content, which is more detailed and more in-depth. He writes the texts for your website: blog articles, fixed pages, product descriptions, etc. You can also delegate the writing of your newsletters and white papers to him. If he is trained in SEO, as is the case with our editors, his texts are optimized to position themselves well in the SERP of Google and other search engines. It therefore produces texts:

  • relevant to your business;
  • of quality to attract and meet the needs of Internet users;
  • optimized to develop your natural referencing.

Build an effective content creation strategy

1. Define your goal

If we go back to the spider web we were talking about earlier, we have understood that to share powerful content, you must first define your objective. That’s where everything else stems from. To do this, ask yourself what your goal is: to grow your email list, drive more traffic to your site, sell training, products, etc. By knowing your purpose, you know where to take your prospects. You have the center of your web.

2. Know your persona

The second step is to define your ideal client. Who is he? What does he need? What are his problems? Where is he? When does he surf the Net? The better you know your target, the more precise and effective your strategy will be. Depending on your persona (fictional representation of your client), you will not communicate in the same way and will not use the same means. It’s tailor-made marketing!

3. Find relevant topics

You already see a little more clearly and your strategy is taking shape. It’s time to look for the topics that will meet the needs of your target and move them forward in the purchase funnel to convert them from prospect to customer. What are you going to talk to him about? What will be relevant for him? The SEO web editor can bring you his expertise by finding the subjects of future blog articles: a clever mix between what will interest and convert the reader and what will allow you to position yourself in the first results of the SERP.

4. Establish your editorial line

In order to have a harmony of communication, certain rules must be defined and respected. Consistency in your posts builds loyalty and engages your community. Internet users find a world they know and feel reassured.

Your editorial line is the guideline of your company’s communication. It must stick to your image and highlight your values. It is what differentiates you from the competition. Keeping in mind your objective and your persona, you must define:

  • the editorial style (familiar, professional, humorous, committed, neutral, etc.);
  • the tone used (using you, familiarity, etc.);
  • the different content formats used;
  • the rate of publication.

5. Plan your editorial calendar

The editorial planning is the logical continuation of step 4. You must now organize your publications in time. Based on your persona, when is the best time to post? Monday morning, Friday evening? Also take into account the news, as well as chestnut trees, to publish especially sought-after topics (sales, car-free day, Chinese New Year, etc.). It’s time to have fun placing all your content in a calendar: blog articles, Instagram posts, newsletters…

To go further, you can consult the 8 good reasons to create an editorial calendar.

6. Track the results of your strategy

Here we are already at the last step. All that remains is to observe the results of your marketing plan. To measure the impact of your actions, various tools are available depending on the communication channel used. This analysis can take time, but it is necessary to adjust the strategy in place. Web writers mainly work with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to evaluate the performance of their articles.

The world of the Web is vast and one cannot be a specialist in everything. If for a start-up company, building a content creation strategy can be done by the entrepreneur himself, it is another matter when the activity begins to develop. If you think it’s time for you to delegate and take advantage of the expertise of freelancers, build your team now!

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