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How to Improve CenturyLink Wi-Fi Signals

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If we ask you what can be the most frustrating thing about your internet connection, chances are high that you’ll come up with the answer, “slow internet speed.” Have you ever wondered why it happens to many of you that no matter how well-known ISP you chose for acquiring internet services, you will always experience sluggish internet speed? Sound relatable? Of course, it is. 

Even if you are a subscriber of CenturyLink, you may feel the same issue at some point. From dropping Wi-Fi signals to slow internet browsing, or buffering while streaming your favorite content every issue is the result of disruption in your internet connection. The situation can be way more annoying for users, especially those who are working in an online environment where they must have seamless internet speed to carry out daily chores.  

Due to our over-reliance on the internet, we need to learn how we can accelerate the efficiency of our internet connection. Different factors lead to weak Wi-Fi signals which are quite challenging to handle. 

However, if you have subscribed to CenturyLink internet services and facing the same problem, you have landed on the right blog. We have brought to you a couple of simple tricks to fix the slow internet speed issues. So, if you want to take charge of the functioning of your Wi-Fi without seeking tech support from the ISP, keep scrolling through the blog till the end. 

Ways to Quickly Fix Your Slow CenturyLink Wi-Fi Internet

Undoubtedly, this internet service provider is offering high-end, advanced, and strong Wi-Fi devices to its widespread customers in the United States. The device is capable of keeping every member connected to it happily for having strong and stable internet signals. However, nothing in this world is perfect and may have chances to stop working at optimal efficiency. That’s the reason this Wi-Fi also gives bad moments to users despite of considering as the superior wireless setup. 

Key Reasons for having Slow Internet Speed 

The speed of wireless devices is vulnerable to external interference and the distance between the smart devices and the spot you have installed them. However, there can be various other reasons as well that have made you confront sluggish Wi-Fi performance. So before rushing into learning quick ways of fixing slow Wi-Fi speed, you better identify the issue reason you are facing right now without accusing CenturyLink Internet Deals you have subscribed to. 

Speed Check 

It is the best way for finding the reason for having low signal strength, slow loading of web pages, and buffering while streaming videos across smart devices connected to your Wi-Fi. All you need to do is to run this test for both wired and wireless smart devices to assure you are receiving the same signal strength.

For instance, if you are found to have the same slow internet speed comparing the wireless and wired speed test results you need to follow our quick tips to boost your Wi-Fi speed.  

Three Quick Fixes for Managing Dropped Wi-Fi Signals 

  1. Check Your All Connections

Lose connection is a very common reason that leads to poor internet signal strength. Therefore, we have placed this trick on the top of our list of three quick fixes. So, start your journey towards strong Wi-Fi signals by checking all the connections and then making all connections finger-tight. For your convenience, we have covered the connections as well so you can do the process rightly. So, let’s check them out.

  • Check the yellow Ethernet cable running between your desktop computer and the Ethernet port on your modem device. 
  • Then, check the black power cord running between the power port on your modem device and the power outlet on your wall.
  • Lastly, check the green cable running between the phone jack and the DSL port on your modem device. 
  1. Reposition Your Wireless Router or Modem Device 

The second quick fix is repositioning your wireless router or modem device. The spot in your house or office has a great impact on the speed of the internet you are receiving on your smart devices. Therefore, we would like to advise you to always position your wireless modem or router device in the middle of your space. So, check the current location of your wireless devices in your home or office. 

For instance, if it is not installed in the center of your space or is cluttered by heavy furniture or electronic devices these are influencing the strength of signals emitting through your modem or router. 

Moreover, the distance between devices connected to your wireless modem or router and the gateway will also affect the overall performance of the wireless connection in your home or office. 

Ideally, the wireless modem should be kept in the middle of your space and must be installed at some height from the floor. So nothing can weaken, or block the signals emitted from it. 

Obstacles Weakening or Blocking Wi-Fi Signals 

  • Walls made up of concrete or brick.
  • Metal objects or electronic appliances.
  • Heavy and thick windows and doors.
  • Large water containers like an aquarium

If you remove these obstacles, you can provide the path to Wi-Fi signals to easily travel throughout your space. Thus, all users connected to your internet connection will have a smooth and fast internet experience across multiple devices. Interestingly, by following this trick you will no longer need to switch your current CenturyLink Internet Plans to acquire your desired internet speed or internet performance. 

Isn’t it the most budget-friendly, easy, quick, and smart solution to enjoy the fastest internet speed with the same wireless device and internet connection? Of course, it is. 

So don’t hesitate to give this trick a try to enjoy stable, strong, and fast Wi-Fi signals across every corner of your office or home for all devices connected to it. 

  1. Reduce Interference and Change Your CenturyLink Wi-Fi Channel 

Last but not least in our list for quick fixes is the reduction of interferences and changing of your Wi-Fi channels. We know very well that interferences are the major issues that trouble us while handling the slow internet speed of our in-home Wi-Fi. Internet users who are currently residing in an area that is highly populated or in apartments are facing this issue at large. 

Why? It happens because in such areas the signals your Wi-Fi device is emitting travel via an unlicensed band. Or, there are simply too many devices in the region which leads to signal interference at times. 

Due to this reason, the wireless network of your Wi-Fi starts providing unstable connection because the range for its network coverage is more vulnerable or interfered. It happens the same way as the electronic devices cluttered across your Wi-Fi do with its network coverage in your house. 

How to Fix this Issue?

If this is the case with your Wi-Fi device, worry not because we have got you covered. We have added some quick and simple tricks in this blog that will help you in overcoming the interference. So, stay calm and focused, and keep scrolling! 

No Choice to Escape from this Issue for Routers

Technological advancement has made it easier for users to easily switch to other channels while communicating through their devices. However, the router devices are generally designed to pick a channel by themselves which is not a good thing especially if another internet user in your neighborhood is using the same channel. Why? Because it will put you in congestion of internet signal and you will have no choice than to stay with this channel which is fairly not good. 

Usually, the in-home Wi-Fi devices own networks that use the band with 2.4 GHz. If you want to avoid congestion, it is good to move to 5 GHz because it will assure you have a stronger and more robust internet connection at your home or office. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks that you need to bear if you go for the 5 GHz band. 

These drawbacks include smaller coverage for signals and less capability than 2.4 GHz to penetrate through solid objects such as a wall or heavy furniture in your house. However, it gets less influence by interferences in your area and provides the fastest speed for transferring data. 

Good Thing!

The good thing is that advanced technology has enabled many wireless routers and modems to automatically identify the appropriate channel for them by examining channels available around them.  Moreover, these devices can be switched to other channels if needed by picking channels in the list appearing in the available network options. Sounds amazing, right? 

In a Nutshell 

Hopefully, you have found this blog fruitful for overcoming your in-home Wi-Fi slow internet speed issue. However, if you are unable to get rid of sluggish internet speed even after following the tricks we have mentioned in this blog, we would like to suggest you to reach out the internet service provider. Why? Because it is the right time to get some technical assistance which is quite easy for CenturyLink subscribers to avail. 

You can call directly to its customer support team by dialing 1-855-349-9310. 

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