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Read On To Learn Why Dubai Companies Need PRO.

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Managing the government relations process is the responsibility of a PRO, a UAE citizen. From document collecting to application processing to attestation and translation, they are responsible for overseeing the whole process from start to finish. Therefore, it is essential that their PRO be fluent in Arabic and English, possess a valid UAE driving license, and have a thorough understanding of Saudi labour regulations. With the best payroll services in uae, they can prevent delays and mistakes in the process and remain current on new rules and regulations that may impact their firm.

The PRO has a wide range of responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Ensure that corporate licences are renewed on time.
  • The applicant must provide the Ministry of Labour with the necessary paperwork to apply for a visa.
  • License applications require the submission of papers needed to the licencing authority.
  • Embassies, Ministries, Municipalities, Police Stations, and Airports are all places where they may represent their company.
  • Do one’s best to help out with the registration and renewal of corporate vehicles.
  • Inquire about certifying the credentials of their employees.
  • Visa administration records need to be updated.
  • Provide regular updates and advice on new rules issued by government agencies.
  • The full payment of all dues, including those to the Labour Department, visa transfers, the Labour Identification Card, bank guarantees, and medical examinations.
  • Inviting letter preparation.
  • In addition to possessing the abilities necessary to succeed in the position.

The Saudi PRO additionally has to meet the following criteria in addition to the previous ones:

  • They must be Saudi natives and fluent in Arabic and English to serve as PROs in Saudi Arabia.
  • A valid UAE driver’s licence.
  • Access to a wide range of government ministries and robust networks.

Why PRO is vital for the companies in UAE?

Having a platinum Nitaqat rating from the UAE government is one of the many perks of adhering to the country’s strict regulations. Still, it also lessens the chance of legal action. A PRO is familiar with the Saudi market, its rules, and the sort of business they operate in. They’ll help them get the permissions, licences, and visas they need to stay on the right side of the law. Additionally, their PRO will keep track of renewal deadlines to ensure that licences or visas are renewed in a timely way to prevent fines.

Since untrained in-house personnel often make mistakes in government operations administration, a PRO may help reduce legal liabilities. Therefore, to keep their employees focused on their core abilities and prevent legal concerns for their company, utilize a PRO.

To keep up with all the changes in UAE business environment, organizations need the necessary assistance to adapt to the constantly shifting landscape. As a result, PROs can react more quickly and assist companies in adopting and avoiding uncertainty.

What are the responsibilities of PRO providers?

The primary responsibility of this position is to collaborate with the human resources department on the processing and acquisition of all employee visas and labour cards and other associated public relations activities. In addition, they shall ensure compliance with KSA government rules and employment laws for any new workers hired by this organization.

One shall be solely responsible for all things relating to labour law and regulations. Working together with the HR team, they will guarantee that all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted on time and that all visas are granted as necessary. In order to get visas, licences, and sponsorship, they will need to communicate with the appropriate government offices.

Principal Responsibilities:

• Oversees the processing of visa applications and the submission of visa applications to immigration and labour offices for the following: KSA employment visas (new and renewal/transfer visas), visit visas (for tourists and business travellers), and foreign visas (for business travellers) after ensuring that all necessary documentation is in order.

• Provide guidance to employees understanding the specifics of each kind of visa and the necessary processes and paperwork.

· Respond to general inquiries about PRO functions as quickly and effectively as possible in order to improve the overall quality of department service.

• Keep all legal entities of the company’s legal entities’ trade licences and other government certifications up to date by renewing, updating, and maintaining such papers on a regular basis.

• Renewal and maintenance of all corporate leases prior to their expiration, including office space and company housing.

• Maintain a list of all workers, including their visa information and renewal status, and ensure that the renewal of visas is communicated to them promptly before they expire.

• Assist and guide workers through the process of renewing visas for their immediate dependents and providing them with essential information on visa specifics and documentation requirements.

• Set up the necessary procedures for processing attestation of personnel credentials as needed.

• Accurate document drafting in accordance with the requirements of the legal authorities.

• Ensure that all corporate and employee documents are kept secret and secure at all times.

• Continually provide advice to government agencies on new regulations as they are implemented.

• Continue to provide regular updates on the development of the visa procedure and the facilitation of communication with government offices.

How To Find A PRO Service In Dubai?

A Government Relations Officer (PRO) is a must for every Dubai company, whether they already have one or want to open one soon. Unfortunately, many firms new to Dubai are unfamiliar with the notion of a Dubai PRO service. However, if they’ve already worked in the Middle East, they’ll recognize the service as PRO. 

As the Saudi market evolves and new reforms are enacted, the continual change may be difficult for business operations, and without enough help to adapt, businesses would encounter difficulties. PROs are knowledgeable with Saudi rules and legislation, which enables them to react quickly and assist companies in adapting and avoiding complications. One’s PRO will monitor their company’s performance in the Saudi market to guarantee that they can continue operating as a trustworthy corporation in the Kingdom.

That is why it is extremely important to choose the most trusted and best PRO services in Dubai.

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