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Running in the Morning: Is It Useful or Not?

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How, or rather, when does a person often start jogging? Early Monday morning.

Morning jogging, in this case, symbolizes the beginning of a new life, in which there will be no place for bad habits: smoking, addiction to alcohol, high-calorie food, too much gambling at https://cryptocasinosindia.com/, flipping through the news feed in social networks, and so on down the list.

With this approach, a person, in the language of computer games, dramatically raises the level of complexity of his life to a maximum.

Half of those who draw such a revolutionary plan in their mind will realize that it is unrealistic when they hear the alarm clock ring that very Monday: they turn it off and turn over on the other side.

The rest will force themselves to get outside and go for a run. Some will be enough for one morning, some for two, three, or a week, before not even muscle pain and fatigue, but a general aversion to the whole event won’t overpower the desire for a healthy lifestyle.

But there will be those who will enjoy running in the morning, who will begin to get great pleasure from it, for whom it will become a norm of life.

Looking at their photos on social networks, all those who have such an undertaking failed, will blame themselves for laziness, or will come to the conclusion that running isn’t your thing.

Running After Waking up, Not Getting up for the Sake of Running

Running is stressful, stressful, challenging. It should be part of a balanced lifestyle, i.e. compensated by sufficient rest periods, nutrition and so on.

Jogging, as well as other types of physical training, should be approached rested, that is, having accumulated a sufficient amount of energy: physical and mental.

In the general view, it’s the morning, when a person is rested from yesterday’s affairs, that is optimal for jogging. Only this is true if a person at least had a good night’s sleep and did not abuse alcohol the night before.

The topic of sleep, of course, is complicated, and everything is individual, but most people have a certain habitual wake-up time: it’s useful for a person to go out for a workout at that time.

Forcing yourself to wake up and go out earlier means giving an additional load, which can do more harm than good.

Instead of feeling invigorated and energized, a person who forces himself to get up earlier than usual for the sake of jogging will feel drowsy, lethargic, and will become more irritable.

Running Is Just Running, Not a “Symbol” of New Life

The second problem that stems from the “new life from Monday” story is the artificial creation of unnecessary stress.

All at once quitting smoking, drinking alcohol, eating too much, sitting around on social networks and other bad habits, a person creates a wave of stress, with which running will not help, at least to someone who is going to do it from scratch.

Running is also a stress to the nervous system. If you have already overloaded it, then, even having slept in the morning, instead of benefits you will get harm.

Excessive pathos, which a person associated with running, makes this activity more difficult and costly in psychological terms.

There will be a thousand reasons to postpone or cancel the next workout, and irregular, spontaneous jogging is of little athletic benefit and is more likely to lead to injury.

It’s better to determine from the beginning that running is just running, not a magic wand or some significant symbol.

You don’t have to become a different person right away to start training. It’s better to allow this activity to gradually change your life for the better.

By running regularly, pursuing specific athletic goals, you will eventually feel the desire to quit smoking, appreciate the benefits of moderate drinking, proper nutrition, getting up early in the morning, especially on hot summer days, and so on.

Slow in the Morning, Fast in the Evening

So, the first steps are taken. Running has become part of your life, and you may have already learned to enjoy it.

When is it better to train: in the morning or in the evening?

During the most intense periods of training for competitions, advanced amateurs and professionals train both in the morning and in the evening. Here’s the answer.

But it’s important to work in constant contact with the coach. Working out twice a day on your own, without professional supervision, is a direct and quick path to overtraining and injury.

There are also general recommendations, according to which mornings are better suited for slow runs, and afternoons or evenings for the most intense loads, i.e. tempo or interval runs.

The fact is that in the morning, after waking up, the human body has a minimum amount of glycogen, the main fuel for fast running.

If you run on an empty stomach or after a light snack, then you simply don’t have enough energy for an intensive workout or it won’t be as effective.

But for slow runs in the first and second heart rate zones, i.e. up to an average of 130 beats per minute, glycogen is almost unnecessary. The body will use stored fat as the main fuel.

In this sense, long, slow morning runs are a great way to lose weight.

If you have time to eat a hearty breakfast, digest your food, and go out for a workout in an hour and a half or two hours, the workload can already be quite intense.

Only how many people besides professionals have this opportunity? In most cases, running enthusiasts need to go to work or school.

Is the Air Better in the Morning?

There are different opinions as to what time the air is cleaner and better suited for exercise. Much depends on the wind and other features of a particular area.

If we talk about cities, summer mornings definitely have less harmful fumes from asphalt, and even lower temperatures and higher humidity, which we perceive as fresh air.

But the air quality at night or early morning in cities with polluted atmospheres can be severely compromised by the fact that when the sun goes down, in the absence of a cyclone, the wind that blows off the smog subsides.

For allergy sufferers who suffer from intense birch blossoms, however, the time interval from 4 to 8 a.m. is considered most favorable.

In other words, the quality of the air in the morning should be evaluated taking into account the characteristics of the particular environment, the weather. One should not forget about the peculiarities of the seasons.

Running in the early morning in summer is a way to prevent overheating from the heat, but in winter, it may be better to run in the afternoon, when it’s light and not so frosty.

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