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Wpit18: Complete Guidelines On Its Dashboard And Registration  

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Wpit18 is an live game in which roosters fight and people bet on them & winner are awarded.

If you’re an active gamer and like to watch online roosters fight on the Sabong Platform. which is basically known as a cockfighting game where numerous people from all over the world watch and participate. and even though the sport may look trivial, but its popularity in countries like Philippines and Samoa is huge.

The online Sabong game industry is one of the fastest-growing sports wagering industries in the world. various sites are available online for gaming services so that you can compete on your favorite rooster.

What is Wpit18?

Wpit18 is basically an online cockfighting game were two cocks battle one another. People enjoy this game because it has real-time cockfighting, and this platform provides opportunities to make money while playing the game.

People select their favorite cock based on their prior performance, and wager on it, and if their selected cock wins the match, they are rewarded via the wpit18 dashboard.

These types of events are mainly organized offline in the Philippines and they are telecast for live users.

Explore Wpit18 Dashboard and Its Features

Wpit18 is a dynamic dashboard, specially known for its features and entertainment purpose, Wpit18.live dashboard tells about matches history, highlights, upcoming events, winners cox list and their performance, prizes and this The most important feature of the game is that we can access it very easily, even a less educated person can understand the whole dashboard, and bet on cocks, and earn rewards.

So head over to the wpit18.live dashboard and explore tons of entertainment and fun, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even be rewarded.

Complete Guide On Wpit18 Registration

wpit18 register

If you are interested to register on this game then it is very easy for you to register on this dashboard. Follow the steps given below carefully.

The user who has already registered on wpit18 dashboard will have to login to this dashboard to access this game.

  • People who are new to this website and want to register. First of all, they have to go to Chrome, Microsoft edge and search wpit18 register.
  • After searching, from the result that will come, you will have to click on the Facebook wpit18 register link.
  • On clicking, the user will come to the official Facebook page of wpit18.
  • But he will see wpit18.live/register link on the right side
  • User has to click on that register link
  • After clicking, the user will be taken to the official register page of wpit18
  • There they will need to set up an account by selecting the “Join” or “Sign Up” icon.
  • After clicking on the “Sign Up” option, a form will open in that box, the user will give his/her personal details like your name, gender, nationality, residence and contact information.
  • After giving all the information, press on the register button.
  • The platform will then ask you to integrate your financial institution or charge card, something that you will use to spend and withdraw money from placing bets.
  • Afterwards, you will have to fill out a 15-minute questionnaire form to verify that you are not a bot. And you will be expected to wait a few minutes after completing the questionnaire.
  • After you have received a message requesting you to confirm the information, you have successfully registered your identity on it.
  • Now you can easily login to this dashboard.

Simple Steps For Wpit18 Login

wpit18.live login
  • Go to the google search engine and search wpit18.live login.
  • On the showing results, click on the official website page.
  • On the wpit18 login dashboard, click on the login button.
  • To successfully log in, put your id and password and click on the login button.

Now you are finally a member of the wpit18 platform.

How To Access Wpit18 Dashboard – Post Login

Once your registration is verified, you are ready to access the game’s dashboard. First, the portal will take you through a walkthrough of the event and teach you what the dashboard features are and how to bet on Cox or when to challenge.
After the practice session, the service highlights some of the big matches scheduled for that particular day and invites you to play on them.

The webpage also displays rooster characteristics and success percentages to help you determine which cockerel to bet on, as well as the volume and total number of people who have placed bets on the rooster.

Predictions can be submitted at any time before the game, but payments will not be taken after the start of the fight, and after the start of the match, the dashboard will be simulcast. Complete matches with community chatting enabled, allowing you to communicate with other participants from around the world. After the duel, you can withdraw your winnings from your local bank.

Wpit18 Live Gaming Features:

  • Wpit18 live dashboard enables users to enjoy live roosters fighting live.
  • Due to its Dynamic Features its demand on the internet is quite high.
  • Easy to Understand and bet on the rooster, user can earn loads of money.
  • Just like any betting app like bet365.com or Dream 11, the same thing goes here.

There are various events that are organized in the Philippines in an offline manner and they can be telecasted for the users live on the platform called world pitmaster event, People first have to get acquainted with the platform and then only they can play the games and watch the rooster fight in a more interesting manner.

Wpit18 Dashboard Advantages:

  • wpit18 platform provides individuals to watch and participate in it, without any charges.
  • wpit18.live online sabong live platform is a good source of income, if you are an expert in the rooster’s fight game you can earn lots of money simply by putting a bet on your favorite rooster.
  • This dashboard has easy to access and understand its features.
  • This gaming website transfers your winning amount to your account in a quick time without making any delay. you can earn a good amount of money very in no time.
  • In the Philippines, people love this game and this is the good source of income for them.

Online Sabong Disadvantages:

  • As we already know that Its a is a rooster’s fight-based game and In it Involves animal cruelty, So many countries and people do not like these kinds of games, and a good proportion of the population might be against the way these games are conducted.
  • Many organizations are there for the safety of animals or against animal cruelty which can file a lawsuit against these websites and take strict actions
  • In this game, there are much more chances of getting hurt and dead from the roosters.
  • In this involves gambling, which is believed to be terrible be it any form, and here people put a bet on roosters fighting, so its impact is much much higher
  • Gambling habit is not good for users sometimes users put money on the wrong cocks again and again and lose the fight that’s making their life depressive. 

Is Wpit18 live Legal?

Wpit18 live game directly involves animal cruelty which is unacceptable in many countries. some NGOs and animal rights communities raise cases against this game.

The Concept of the this game is to earn money, If you want to earn more money while playing then this game is the best games for you. when one cocks will be injured or dead, which is against the humanity.

That’s why this kind of business is run in a very hideous manner to avoid any implication of the deeds. Also, every person who is related to this game form is risking themselves as if any action might be taken in the future then all will get some kind of punishment.


Wpit18 has gained popularity recently because of its ultra-safe and secure transactions, so no fraud or scam cases like other sites are happening here. It is better to avoid playing and becoming a part of such websites or Sabong games. as they can lead to any kind of legalities towards you.

If you want to enjoy yourself better watch UFC or WWE where people are hurting each other. but precautions are taken at every step. but here roosters are seen just like a kid’s toy which should not happen. Every animal has their worth and should be given the proper due, and to use them in such a manner should be strictly prohibited. also explore about the latest launched game on the sabong Platform, SW418

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What is a Sabong live Website?

Sabong is a cockfighting platform, where numerous people from all over the world gather to compete in cockfighting games

What is Wpit18?

Its an e-sabong site. this a medium through which you can bet on cockfights that are happening in the Philippines.

In which Countries cockfighting game is most popular?

this is the popular online Sabong game and most played in countries like the Philippines and Samoa is huge.

What are the different versions of the Sabong game that you can play?

There are various versions of this game available on the Sabong platform. that you can play on your favorite rooster, Games such as WPC2027, MBC2030, and allow you to put your money on cockfighting.

What is the next procedure that happens after registration on wpit18 online?

After registration, the portal will take you on a walk through of the event and you how or when to put bets.

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