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Joelle Anoa I: Daughter Of The WWE Champion Roman Reigns

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The American professional wrestler Leati Joseph Anoa’i, who is presently in his second reign as the WWE Universal Champion, is the father of Joelle Anoa’i.

Her father is also an actress and a former professional football player on the gridiron. She may have very little online presence, but there is no denying that she is a celebrity child.

Joelle Anoa I Who Is She?

Joelle Anoa I Parents
Joelle Anoa I Parents

She was born to Roman Reigns and Galina Becker, two athletes who fell in love. whose birth name is Jojo, was born before her parents were married. When her parents got married, she was just four years old.

She also received a lot of attention from her divorced paternal grandparents, Patricia Hooker, and Leati Sika Anoa’i Amituana’i. When the young child was born, circumstances were difficult for Joelle Anoa’i’s father since he was having trouble making ends meet.

Before Jojo was born, her father played in the Canadian Football League for the Edmonton Eskimos for one season before getting released. Reigns thought about fighting around two years after her birth, and he joined the WWE in July 2010.

The fact that he won the title on the same night as his daughter’s birthday made it far more exciting. That Reigns contemplated wrestling is hardly shocking. Before retiring in 1989, his father, Sika, competed in professional wrestling. He and his brother, Afa, later founded the Wild Samoan Training Center. 

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Physical Appearance

The famous person JOELLE ANOA I is currently 15 Year Old. She has an American nationality and also she has the Christian religion. 5 feet is the height measurement and 48 is the weight. She also has her own social media. and loves to do what she likes. She has hope in the world and is having a very simple attitude toward the way of life. 

Joelle Anoa I Family

Joelle Anoa I Family
Joelle Anoa I Family

She Is the Daughter of Roman Reigns and Galina Becker, She have twin brothers La’ei Anoai and Elei Anoai who are a part of the life of JOELLE and were also they took birth on the day of March 2 in the year called 2017. Her father wanted more newborns. They also welcomed the other twins in the later course of time. 

Family background of the famous personality Joelle: 

Roman Reigns & Joelle Anoa I
Roman Reigns & Joelle Anoa I

Joelle is born to very rich parents. The parents named Roman Reigns and Galina Becker are known you be well-learned. They first met when they were at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The father loved to play football in school at that time and Becker who is the lady was most likely interested in athletics. JOELLE is mostly known to be a team member of the field and also the school track. 

Her father also elaborated that spending time with his daughter calms him down and also helps him to relax. If someone is having a difficult day they should go and relax with their daughters and have a talk with them. That will help the people to soothe their ears. They had a brief conversation and it was done where the advertising events were taking place. Joelle is the one kid in the family. 

Joelle Anoa I Education 

The personality known as JOELLE ANOA I is very young and she has not thought to begin her career yet. She is still in the dance school that she goes to on a regular basis and she is going to complete her studies and do graduation.

About Her Career

For their career, not much is totally known but it is assumed that she would be a wrestler and that will be based on the job of her parents only. She would follow the passion that her family too followed. The choice of becoming a successful person is totally up to her. She is not forced to choose any particular kind of field. 

It is also known from the best sources that there is no kind of dating rumors that are known about the girl. There is a relationship between Joelle and also Reigns Jojo is very much close. She has also kept an eye on the best kind of wrestling conquests that take place. 

In most of the advertisements, there was a tea party that was shared between the daughter and the girl. There was a talk in between the behind-the-scenes film that took place and it told about fatherhood And also the honor of the father in brief. It is also posted on YouTube accounts that people can easily watch. 

Relations Between Joelle’s Parents

Roman Reigns and Galina Becker, the parents of Joelle Anoa’i, met at Georgia Tech. Becker participated in track and field for the school at the time, while her father was a football player for the organization.

Reign would later remark, “When we first met, we were just having fun, and we were sort of attached to one another and just kind of not having a care in the world or worrying about anyone but us. But I’m an adult now.

The couple eventually were married in 2014 on Disney’s Castaway Cay, a private island owned by Walt Disney in the Bahamas. A Whole New World, the song they chose for their wedding, was perfect for the Disney setting.

There are two twin brothers who belong to the Joelle Anoa’i family. The births of La’el and Elie took place on March 2, 2017. In one of his interviews, Roman Reigns admitted that he desires more children. Another set of twins has reportedly been welcomed into the family, according to reports.

Who Might Be Joelle Anoa’i’s Boyfriend? 

The only information that is now accessible is that the young girl is not currently involved in a romantic relationship. Relationship between Joelle Anoa’i and Roman Reigns Jojo is known to be quite close with her father. She has followed him multiple times to see his wrestling contests.

Net Worth Of Joelle Anoai

Joelle Anoa’i’s estimated net worth for 2022, as reported by sources,is  $1 Million – $5 Million; however, it is unknown what it will be in 2023. No one knows what will be the figure when it will come to the year 2023. But her father is earning more than a hefty amount. His $12 million estimated net worth. About $5 million is his yearly income. Joelle has the benefit of being the celebrity kid and she does not have to take many burdens. It is yet to know what will that girl choose. She might choose the path that her family member is following and also she can go and choose the path of her own will. Dollar five million is just the yearly amount, the net can go up to dollar twelve million. 

Social media

The Instagram account can be declared as @joelle.anoai on Instagram, she also has a Twitter account too. @jojoprettygirl. She remains active on her account and that is how it helps her to display the life that she is living right now. She frequently keeps on giving all the updates and makes all the posts. Her parents are also active on social media and that is how people also get to know about their lives and the happening. 

Facts To Know About Joelle Anoa I

  • In the year 2014, there was an ad shown on TV where JOELLE ANOA I along with her father appeared together and that was done for a public announcement. It was about spreading the message that fathers should spend time with their children too. 
  • Bray Wyatt was doing the feuding along with Roman Reigns then Wyatt used the photos of Joelle that was not right as a picture to do the promotion. This somewhat made Joelle’s father angry because it was clearly not a good job done by Wyatt. 
  • Reigns went into the field of wrestling. He also made an effort to sign for the Football League and also played for one season in a continuous manner. Just one month before when his daughter was born, he was released. 

The WWE Live Events Are His Last, Roman Reigns Confirms

Roman Reigns, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, may have performed in his final WWE live event bout on Sunday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at the Stunner live event.

“The Tribal Chief” thanked the audience in his typical post-event speech after defeating Drew McIntyre in the main event. Reigns hinted that he might be done with WWE live events as he concluded his address.


Que. What is Joelle’s age?

Ans. 15 years

Que. Who is Joelle’s father?

Ans. Roman Reigns

Que. Who is Joelle’s mother?

Ans. Georgia Becker

Que. Roman Reigns and Galina Becker have how many kids?QueRoman Reigns and Galina Becker have how many kids?

Ans. 3

Que. What is Roman Reigns’ ring name?

Ans. The Defense

Que. Where was Joelle born?

Ans. Florida, in the US

Que. What is the birth date?

Ans. December 14, 2008

Que. Is she on social media?

Ans. Yes

Que. How many siblings does she have?

Ans. None

Que. Who is her boyfriend? 

Ans. None

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